[ 1883 Mάρτιος, 20 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 20 March 1883

My dear Constantine,
     I own receipt of your amusing letter 10th instant which is very well written indeed. The play must ― on the whole ― have been very entertaining.
     Last week I sent you the Magazine for March: and this week Aristides sends mother under separate cover a remittance for £ 3.
     News of the day are reduced to a minimum ― Mallet is appointed Minister for Japan: ― who succeeds him here is as yet unknown. It may be that with Dufferin in the Country, as minister plenipotentiary, the post held by Mallet becomes obsolete.
     Zervudachi on the 29th instant holds a Ball: Aristides and I, are invited ― It is generally acknowledged that the entertainment is going to be on a large scale. Invitations were issued on the 10th.
     Moss leaves England for this about the 6th April and will probably be here on the 12th. I shall then be able to know more definitely about my going to England. He is to make a short stay only: say a month or five weeks. ―
     Nothing has transpired as to the fortune left by Nacouz. His funeral was of the grandest.
     Your grammatical, or rather linguistic, queries are of the easiest this time ― I would render
“sécousse”, in English with “shock” ―
“epreuve”, in English with “trial” or “experiment” and in another sense “affliction”.
“εμβαθύνειν” = to search into, to explore.
“flétrir” = when in neuter sense, of course, “to fade”, “to wither”: when in active sense “to tarnish”, “to destroy”.
     Remember me kindly to all with my best love
          and believe me
               Yours affectionately

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