[ 1883 Mάιος, 8 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 8 May 1883
Tuesday 9 pm

My dear Constantine,
     Yours 30th ultimo came to hand on Saturday. You have my very very best thanks for the interesting genealogical gossip. Aristides and I have enjoyed the perusal immensely. It is indeed very kind of you to have gone to so much trouble, but you are a dear little fellow and rejoice in pleasing other.
     Many thanks also for the general news of yr. letter. I haven’t heard before of the athlete Panagi ― His universal fame has not yet reached the benighted land of the Pharaohs.
     Lord Dufferin sailed hence in the Helicon for Constantinople on Thursday last. It is commonly said that he will refuse the Vice-royalty of India, as he has already done once before. I am given to understand that a post of that nature is considered to exclude European politics entirely and therefore not so desirable an elevation for a clever diplomatist. It is moreover believed that Dufferin may eventually replace Lord Granville at the Foreign Office.
     Your extract from Westward Ho! prompts me to enquire whether you have read or are reading the book. I have heard much about this performance and should very much like to know the drift of the Author. Kingsley, you know, was a clergyman who gave up his orders. ― Mr. Moss’ residence at Ramleh is still unsold, and is likely to remain so for a long time ― Indeed there are no offers, and Mr. Moss’ pretensions are so extravagant that no one would think of renting it.
     I translate the extract from Irving as follows:
“Αμφί έτη πολλά από του γάμου διετέλει εμπορευόμενος, και εφοίτα εις τας μεγάλας των Αράβων αγοράς, μακράς πορείας συν ταις διελάσεσι (this is the only word I can think of as an equivalent for caravan: it really means a ‘cavalcade’) ποιούμενος.” ―
The English for     ακύρωσις is annulment or cancelling
     ”          “résultat” ” result and consequence.
With best love believe me, dear Constantine,
     Yours devotedly (and much done up after a hard day’s work)

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