[ 1883 Mάιος, 31 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 31 May 1883

My dear Constantine,
     I am much obliged for your nice letter 20th. Enclosed you will find the English translation asked for. In reply to your questions: ― Mr. Moss is always very kind to me: we pass our Sundays together in Ramleh as of old. Mrs. Zervudachi was not at home when we visited her. ―
     A new English paper will be shortly started here under the name of Egypt: mainly conducted by Chapman and Royle, and edited by one called Goodrich, an Oxford M.A. I shall send you the first copy of the journal, as a curiosity.
     Major Baring is appointed to occupy the position lately held by Dufferin in Egypt. This new official is at present somewhere in India and will go to England before coming out here. ― Of course you have heard of the proposal to make a new Canal; today’s telegram states that negotiations à ce sujet have already commenced with Lesseps.
     The french sentence: “L’histoire n’était qu’une suite de mémoires redigées par orgueil de race”, I would render thus: (’tis really a difficult phrase to put into English) ―
     History was nothing more than a collection of continuous family records prompted by vanity of lineage. ―
     With best love
          I am, dear Constantine
               Yours ever

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