[ 1883 Oκτώβριος, 9 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 9 October 1883

My dear Constantine,
     I am much obliged for your nice little letter 18th ultimo and beg you to forgive my delay in responding thereto. Glad to see you have received all the Magazines: October I am afraid will be too late for this mail.
     I am much relieved to note that mother is well again and Paul is getting better: in our many troubles may God grant us health at least, whereby to cope with these. Our ill-luck in everything is positively disheartening: and I have ceased hoping for anything lest the mere act of hoping spoil the projects hoped for. I sincerely sympathise my dear little brother with your own individual sacrifices: to me they are particularly painful.
     From Field and Weightman I have heard nothing more: and, as you remark, I am sorely afraid, that there exists but a poor chance of success.
     The Rallis have all come back, and amongst them Theodore Ralli’s eldest son from Liverpool. Your friend Stephen Schilizzi with his brother Nicholas are en route for Egypt.
     With very best love believe me,
          Dear Constantine Yours affectionately

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