[ 1883 Oκτώβριος, 22 και 23 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 22 October 1883

My dear Constantine,
     I have yours 14th October as well as the letters you mention therein say 18th September and 7th October which I have already acknowledged. I do not wonder at the delay in the arrival of our letters for the postal service between this and yours is as irregular as ever.
     Your letter is very entertaining and I was indeed highly pleased to read of the good fortune that has descended on the family of Pitarides. The poor old man will at least die in comfort. ― Ere this reaches you I trust you will have received the £ 100 telegram and I suppose Alexander will set off by the first steamer so that I shall not fail to make enquiries at the Agency of the Austrian Lloyd’s here, and go to meet him on arrival.
     My news may well be set down at nought. Constantine Sinadino and family have returned: the rest of that illustrious family are absent. Moss, as I have already informed you, is expected here about 1 November. He writes that he hopes to be back in England for Christmas, so that his stay here will necessarily be but a short one. The new English financial adviser to the Khedive is Mr. Vincent Caillard ― a young man of 26 ― who has already won some renown in India and elsewhere, and whose services will be remunerated by £ 3.000 a year. ― Are your eyes any better? I see you write a longer letter than usual to your affectionate brother
P.S. 23 October. Unfortunately the Cholera has reappeared: 12 attacks today. Some people who have returned lately are thinking of going away again: and two have actually gone: i.e. Giglio and Gentilli.
          Yours ever

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