[ 1884 Mάρτιος, 18 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 18 March 1884

My dear Constantine,
     I am in receipt of your letters 9th and 11th instant for which I thank you. The news about Verhague is highly agreeable: Peter duly received mother’s registered letter and is writing her thereon by this mail. I am very glad to note mamma’s complete recovery and beg you to give her my love. ― Your enclosure for Stephen was delivered immediately on arrival. Miéville is now here and has entered on his duties as President of the Health Board. ― You are quite right about Penasson: ’tis the last time I shall have anything to do with him. The first Queen I posted you last week. Tell mother I am in correspondence with Mr. Moss. i.e. he has written me a short note saying that he is very busy looking after his brother’s family matters. What you say of George leads us to believe that he is not so badly off after all.
     News, I have none to give you: my existence is monotonous to a degree. ― From the Soudan, the wires have flashed details of two victories, whereof you have doubtless ere this heard. The worst part of the business is its cost: it must eventually all come out of Egypt’s purse, to the prevention of any hope of the immediate payment of Indemnities. ― The usual Athletic Sports were held at Gabarri yesterday: I didn’t go, but Aristides did, and he tells me it was miserable business. The weather is again verging on the limits of Winter ― we have had terrific gales blowing: gales so strong that, two nights ago, they tore up and brought down the roofing of the Alexandria Ramleh Station.
     Remember me to Alexander and Paul
          and believe me

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