[ 1884 Mάρτιος, 31 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 31 March 1884

My dear Constantine,
     I have your letter 19th instant: as well as yours and Alexander’s to Aristides. Last week in my letter to Paul, I wrote as to the manner in which we exerted ourselves to find situations, and, altho’ by no means a party in that nonsensical Athens proposal, I do think Alexander is unnecessarily severe and jumps at very painful conclusions. But ’tis best to say no more. “Hard words break no bones”, and there should be no hard words between us. We are doing all we can.
     Thanks very much for your letter, the contents of which I note with interest. The subscription to the Queen is of course ― in the absence of back numbers ― from 1 March. Surely, you give me discernment enough to know thus much and not allow myself to be humbugged by Penasson. Mr. Moss writes me, dating 17th instant, “I had a charming letter from your mother the other day and I am going to respond to her Ladyship.” ― I don’t know what he means.
     With best love to mother and you all
          I am, dear Constantine,
          Your affectionate but distressed

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