[ 1884 Mάιος, 7 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 7 May 1884

My dear Constantine, I have your nice letter 24 ultimo enclosing extract from the Neologos, which I have read with much interest and for which I thank you. You have my full sympathy and I can well appreciate all you write. ― You ask how Easter passed with me: as unremarkably as any other Sunday, were it not for the abominable pistol-firing in the streets. I have sent you our father’s passport under registered cover. ― You are perfectly right in calling the Egyptian Gazette trite: for one word of sense, Philip gives his readers ten of “Bamboozledom”.
     News there is none. Nothing has yet been said about the Indemnities and the policy of England with regard to Egypt is unchanged. What will ultimately be decided upon and done is a thick mystery, tho’ no one for a moment would credit the thought that the English intend leaving the country. In the meanwhile the papers are kicking up a great row against the Liberal Government and are vehement in their protestations about Gordon’s position.
     My best affection to all.
          Believe me, dear Constantine,
               Yours devotedly

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