[ 1884 Mάιος, 27 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 27th May 1884

My dear Constantine,
     I have none of yours to acknowledge but note from Alexander’s letter to Aristides, that mother, Paul and you are still in town. Alexander’s letter has touched me most painfully ― Poor fellow. I can well understand his annoyance, and grieve to think that there is no immediate remedy for his or the situation of us all in general.
     Aristides is at a dead stop with his business and has done nothing for some time past. You cannot imagine how our misfortunes (which are a good sample of those of many another) have made me hate the English.
     They, and their pomp and their grandeur, are a great fallacy, a living humbug. No other nation in the world would have occupied a country for two years, and then, as they, have nothing to shew of work done, of good effected. There is a general outcry against them and they richly deserve it.
     Kneen is away in Cairo and John, the servant of all work, is again to the ’fore: but our business, like that of everybody else, is limited and bad.
     Many kisses to mother, Alexander and Paul.
          With best love
               I am yours ever
C.F. Cavafy Esquire

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