[ 1884 Iούνιος, 24 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 24 June 1884

My dear Constantine,
     Thanks for your letter 16th which reached me 21st instant. I have no good news to give you, and the recurrence of the mail-day in absence of such, is very annoying. The Conference is as yet distant, although it would appear from today’s telegrams that England and France have come to some preliminary understanding ― In any case it is assured that the English army of occupation will stay till the year 1888. ― The Khedive and ministers are down in Alexandria, but His Highness has not ventured out of his palace yet. The Greek man o’ war Miaulis is in the harbour, and the low class of Greeks are puffing and swaggering at the sight of this soap-tub, which is somewhat smaller in size than a Moss steamer. The town is crowded with beardless youths, acting, I suppose, in the capacity of lieutenants and subs on board. ― Our little tug-boat Mosquito is doing nothing else but carry Greeks (such as Ralli, Benachi etc.) to visit this leviathan afloat!
     I take good note of mother’s injunctions, and shall do my best to send our remittance by next Tuesday’s mail. With much love to all and hoping you are well.
          Yours sincerely
Peter sends his love. He wrote to mother last mail.

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