[ 1884 Iούλιος, 1 ]Επιστολές
[Alexandria] 1 July 1884

My dear Constantine,
     I am very busy today, and write these few lines so that you may not be left without my news. Give my love and a thousand kisses to mother, who always writes so feelingly and kindly notwithstanding her many troubles, and say that I am quite well and that she should not fret her kind heart for us, who are but little worthy of her affection. Her letter to Peter makes me more than ever ashamed of my inability to help her. ― Much to my regret and annoyance, I am obliged to put off our remittance till next Friday the 4th instant, for the Russian steamer, which will reach you about the 9th. ― Aristides cannot send more than £3, thus again making the total £13.
     You will of course have heard of the outbreak of Cholera at Marseilles, Toulon and Rome. As poor mother writes, it would appear as the world were going to rack and ruin.
     With many kisses to mother, Alexander and Paul
          Believe me
               Yours devotedly

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