[ 1885 Mάρτιος, 31 ]Επιστολές
Alexandria E.
31 March 1885

My dear Constantine,
     You will believe me when I tell you that your news of the failure of the renting of grandfather’s house relieved us of an intense anxiety. We now only hope that negotiations of a similar nature will continue to fail for at least two months yet, ― because, undoubtedly, ere that period shall have elapsed, you will be once more in Egypt. The Financial Convention has been signed and has passed thro’ the houses of Parliament, so that in all probability the Indemnities will commence being paid off by the end of April, and I sincerely believe our present troubles are fast coming to an end. So be it! ―
     Your letter of the 22nd reached me yesterday. ―
     Enclosed you will find a cheque on the Crédit Lyonnais for £17, ― £7 being from Peter. By this mail I also send to your address Les Filles de John Bull by Max O’Rell, ― a book which has amused me immensely and which I think you will like: I am sure mother will enjoy it, for it bears her out smuch in what she says about English women. ― The Scaramangas of London and the Black Sea have failed, ― a big failure, I understand; besides being merchants they were Steamship Owners ― My best love to mother and all ―
     Believe me
          Yours affectionately

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