[ 1885 Mάιος, 2 ]Επιστολές
Alexandria 2nd May 1885

My dear Constantine,
     Enclosed you will find cheque as usual, for £15.10/., being £7 from Peter and £10 from me, less cost of mother’s gloves .... As I write the Bowab brings me your lett Aristides of 28th April, from which I gather that mother wishes us to keep her gloves here; every care will be taken to protect them from damp and moths, and they shall be wrapped up in flannel.
     In case there should be war between England and Russia, trade will naturally be affected, ― but navigation will be efficiently protected by armed Government cruisers, and as long as it pays them the Moss steamers will run.
     The telegrams today state that the King of Denmark will be appointed arbitrator to decide the frontier question in Afghanistan. There is also a rumour abroad that all indemnities not exceeding 20.000 francs will within a few days be settled. Heaven, will it so! and thus allow me to embrace you all in ease as I do now in imagination. ―
          Yours affectionately
C.F. Cavafy Esquire

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